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Modern women are busy, but we can still have a creatively organised life and career.

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  • Updated: How to Get Through a Stressful Day
    Updated: How to Get Through a Stressful Day
      How to Get Through a Stressful Day I like to share tips about subjects that I’ve dealt with in real life! So today I want to talk about stress. Having a stressful day is something we can probably all relate to. Sometimes it seems that life is just rushing by and we...

Creative Sabrina is a career & lifestyle blog for fellow busygirls. Creativity & inspiration in life, career & online business – whilst helping to refine your website.

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Career & Business

Career-minded women are all about trying new things, finding a niche and passion. Whether it’s in an office, at home or running your business online. Having a focus and productivity can lead to a great work-life balance.

Productivity & Creativity

Creativity comes in many forms. Fashion, graphic designers, photographers, bakers, arts and crafts – any of these passions need imagination and ambition. Increase your imagination and come up with more creative ideas. How to be more creative, thoughts on motivation and goal setting, explore yours.

Self Care

Invest in yourself first. No matter what we do for a living, we all need to find time to look after ourselves and have self-care. It’s a constant life process and something I’m sure many of us go up and down with. The following blogs are what I try to live by everyday, some days not as well as others!


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