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You get:
A copywriting questionnaire
A 15 minute consultation via phone, email or Skype
SEO-friendly online content


  • Design, write and publish additional web pages
  • Short blog entry – less than 200 words
  • Long article/blog entry – less than 600 words
  • Proofreading/Editing/Rewrites – per page
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Deposit - You will only pay 50% of the above price at checkout. The final 50% due on project completion.


Let me write the content for you!

Post & Post & Page Modifications (per post/page)

Content design is a phase of Web design and development which includes selecting the right elements, or content and organising them in a consistent layout – breaking up big blocks of text so they can be easier to read, making sure graphics match content and create a site that’s easy to navigate

Content typically includes text, static and animated graphics, sound and page layout. Certain elements of graphic design such as colour, size and space are also useful in content design.

Content must come first to:

Avoid having to change the design to suit the content

Keep the project on time and on budget

Make sure the website is clear and consistent tone throughout




Additional information

Content Design

Proofreading/Editing/Rewrites, Short blog entry, Long blog entry, Tagline creation and headlines


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