Why build an email list

Why build an email list

Email marketing

Whether your business is in the early stages or not, email marketing is key. Most have smartphones and receive emails instantly. Although social media is also instant and important, not everyone has a Twitter account but you can bet they have an email.

The people who subscribe to your email list are most likely to be your most loyal customers.

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Most people are more comfortable with giving out their email address rather than their telephone number. Who wants to be texting or whatsapping with potential clients. Sending consistent emails makes your business seem professional. So having a customer’s email address is a much more clean and simple way.

Emails are targeted

The people who subscribe to your email list are interested in your business and what you have to offer. They are more likely to share your content and engage with your emails.

Keep in touch
Emails are a great and easy way to keep in touch with your clients and update them on your latests offers or promotions.

Do I really need an email list?
If you’re not intending on selling products or services to clients then perhaps not. But even so, it’s a great way to connect with people even if you’re just sharing your latest updates. When your business pops into the receiver’s email, it makes them remember who you are. Even if it’s just one email a month.

Sending an email

Please make sure you have a professional email you are sending from. You can use a service like Mailchimp to send for you. However if you are sending email individually, make sure it’s professional. Sending from babylove890@gmail.com – isn’t going to look good to potential or existing customers.

If you’re not sure where to start, contact me for branding help.